23 April 2006

A new series: Dandies

According to my edition of the Oxford English Dictionary a Dandy is both a noun and an adjective and is described as such; " a man unduly devoted to style, smartness, and fashion in dress and appearance."

Municipal encyclopedia Wikipedia adds "refined language", "cultivation of leisurely hobbies" and that "Some dandies, especially in Britian in the late 18th and 19th century, often strove to affect aristocratic values even though many came from common backgrounds - thus a dandy could be considered a kind of snob."

Whilst recently flicking through two books from the late 1960's by Ian and Elisabeth Cameron 'The Heavies' and 'Broads' (the covers of both are posted below) I thought that 'The Dandies' would make an interesting theme for a series partly because I haven't decided how I can use these two books on this blog, yet. Further in the history of the cinema, there are those, who it occured to me could be classed as 'Dandies' and that, for me it would be an interesting series to try out.

Wikipedia entry for Dandy, link.

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