30 December 2005

Coming attraction: Hidden (Cache)

Reading the notes on IMDB it reminds me of the start of 'Lost Highway'.

29 December 2005

A quick note on Jacques Tati

I can't recommend this site enough, ensure you view it with a high speed connection and sound on your PC.

'Mon Oncle' by Jacques Tati (1958). Reverse of postcard reads 'Collection Cinematheque Suisse'.

28 December 2005

Camera studies # 2: Nan Grey

Nan Grey.

Reverse reads: Nan Grey. Photo, courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Time Out: Critics' choice 2005

It's that time of year for this type of list. Here is the one from this week's Time Out and all of their critics:

Last Days - Dave Calhoun
Saraband / A History of Violence - Geoff Andrew
Tropical Malady - Ben Walters
Million Dollar Baby - Wally Hammond
Crash - Derek Adams
No Direction Home: Bob Dylan - Chris Tilly
2046 - Gareth Evans
Wolf Creek - Nigel Floyd
Head-On - Trevor Johnston
Sideways - Mark Salisbury
My Brother...Nikhil - Anil Sinanan
The Sea Inside - Anna Smith
The Holy Girl - Jessica Winter

No mention of 'The consequences of love', 'Silver City' and 'Maria full of grace' all quite well received upon release and all decent films. Also worthy of a mention should be 'The constant gardener' which was a very pleasant suprise.

I haven't seen the entire Time Out list but '2046' is my favourite from 2005, 'A History of Violence' probably wouldn't make it into my top 10. I'm inclined to agree with Dispatches from Zembla on 'A History of Violence', I thought the film started well but later became more like its source material and didn't fulfill it's early promise.

24 December 2005

Camera studies # 1

Edie Adams.

I found a bunch of cigarette cards in amongst some random postcards I have been posting amongst my own photographs on my other blog. So, I intend this to be a regular series of postings of the actresses featured on these cards, most I admit I have never heard of but a quick look on IMDB proves fruitful.

The first is Edie Adams and the reverse of all reads "Camera Studies", the actresses name and "Issued by the manufacturers of Ardath cigarettes".

Reverse reads: Edie Adams. Photo courtesy of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

23 December 2005

'Trafic' by Jacques Tati (1971).

11 December 2005

Dream double bill # 7 'Sweet Smell of Success' and 'Nightmare Alley'

The theme of this weekend's double bill is ambition. It occurred to me whilst watching 'Nightmare Alley' (1947) that Tyrone Power's character; Stanton Carlisle is motivated by success much in the same way as Sidney Falco played by Tony Curtis in 'Sweet Smell of Success' (1957).

'Sweet Smell of Success' (1957) directed by Alexandra Mackendrick.

Sidney and Rita, played by Barabra Nichols.

Tony Curtis as Sidney Falco toasts his success in 'Sweet Smell of Success'.

'Nightmare Alley' (1947) directed by Edmund Goulding.

Tyrone Power moves up from the carny to his own show, billed as 'The Great Stanton'.

Tyrone Power as Stanton Carlisle and Helen Walker as Lilith Ritter in 'Nightmare Alley'.

10 December 2005

Romy Shneider, Paris 1964. Photographed by Larry Shaw.

Postcard to promote re-release of 'Godzilla'. BFI.

Great news for Nicholas Ray fans

Next month Eureka release 'The Savage Innocents' in their Masters of Cinema series. As this link to the official page tells us this film has been totally overlooked on TV for years.

I first saw it as part of the full Ray retrospective at NFT a year or so ago but was lucky enough to pick up a DVD copy in Spain where it is readily available along with '55 Days in Peking' , ' A Woman's Secret' and 'On Dangerous Ground' all of which are not available in US or UK. Let's hope Eureka can also get a hold of the rights to release 'Wind across the Everglades' which reminds me very much of 'The Savage Innocents'.

Spanish DVD release for 'The Savage Innocents' by Nicholas Ray.

William Eggleston at ICA

I recently saw two films on the great photographer William Eggleston. 'By the ways, a journey with William Eggleston' follows Eggleston on his travels. Anyone expecting lots of insight into the photographer's mind will be disappointed, Eggleston is tight lipped throughout. The film is interesting all the same and features interviews with various friends. 'William Eggleston in the real world' offers more of an insight gives us a context and shows us a more revealing side of Eggleston.

ICA put these two new films alongside Eggleston and Robert Gordon's 'Stranded in Canton' as well as other features inspired by his photography. The series included 'Gummo', 'Elephant' and 'The Virgin Suicides', watching the two documentaries made me want to watch these three films again, particularly 'Gummo' which I loved when it came out.

'By the ways, a journey with William Eggleston'.

'William Eggleston in the real world'.

05 December 2005

Dream double bill # 6 'Sullivan's Travels' and 'O Brother, where art thou?'

This weekend's double bill gives us Preston Sturges 'Sullivan's Travels' (1941) in which Hollywood film director John L Lloyd Sullivan played by Joel McCrea sets off to make 'O Brother, where art thou?' but to do so must leave Hollywood behind. Second up; The Coen Brothers bring us their version of Ulysses and pay tribute to Preston Sturges (amongst others) with their film ‘O Brother, where art thou?’ (1990).

'Sullivan's Travels' directed by Preston Sturges.

Veronica Lake and Joel McCrea.

Joel McCrea and Veronica Lake.

'O Brother, where art thou?' directed by Joel Coen.

'O Brother, where art thou?'