14 April 2007

Coming attractions

This is England - April 27th, The Lives of Others - April 13th.

09 April 2007

Coming attraction: At the NFT in May

It's been a while since I have seen a programme of so many things in one month to think about trying to get along to see, in May NFT will show:

Julie Christie - The Most Poetic of Actresses
Roberto Rossellini - Through the Realism to Rhapsody. Part 1 of a Rossellini season that sees Isabella Rossellini inroduce a screening of 'Rome Open City' on May 6th.
Shane Meadows season
The Maysles Brothers season
Bill Douglas - the trilogy and 'Comrades'.

The Cinema Theatre Association

03 April 2007

David Lynch

Mike Figgis interviews David Lynch in the March issue of Sight and Sound magazine, link.