29 November 2007

November 29th...2 months since last post and...

I'm somewhat embarrassed to be posting, a quick look shows I haven’t posted in two months. It’s been a busy two months and my tiny contributions to the blogosphere seem to be decreasing by the week. I aim to try to rectify this with the forthcoming holiday period, all things going to plan.

So last month I took in four films at the London Film Festival. Here is a quick summary, something I had been meaning to write for around about a month:

Rescue Dawn
I went along because I had really enjoyed ‘Little Dieter Needs to Fly’, it hadn’t occurred to me some of the (brief) comments I’d seen later, now that it is on general release that it’s Herzog’s first Hollywood film. I enjoyed it, there is a scene where a dog walks right to left in front of the camera and the actors on it’s hind legs which, for me was a nice, Herzog touch.

Mister Lonely / Harmony Korine Q&A
There was quite a crowd for this one on the Friday I attended. No idea when it is coming out here, other than at some point next year. It has two ‘storylines’ for want of a better word. One of them, the one we see least of was for me the better part of the film.
Sadly I just couldn’t really get into the main part of the film at all, that said it is a concept which not too many people would even try to put on screen. I haven’t had a sniff around online to see what others think of this yet.
The following Sunday was a NFT Q&A interspersed with the usual clips. It was very well attended, some decent questions from the audience and quite a lot of fan-type adulation. I may well post more on this, if I can recall the event but can’t promise, it was after all this time of year I attended a Kenneth Anger Q&A and I still haven’t managed to post about that.

Son of Rambow: A Home Movie

The highlight for me. A small British film, without a release for the UK market, which if audience reaction (I know could be dangerous!) is anything to go by could do very well here, I’m sure people will bandy around comparisons to Shane Meadows, Wes Anderson and maybe a few others. For me it was spot on in it’s depiction of school life in the 80’s, a sort of ‘Grange Hill: The Movie’ but updated, I think many people in their mid 30’s can relate to dodgy pirate copies of ‘First Blood’ and for that reason it will, I hope do well. A US distributor has picked it up and it will get a release in May. Be very interesting to see what American audiences make of this.

Read James Rocarols review of 'Son of Rambow' at Cinema Attraction, link.

Anyway today, is the three year anniversary since I started this, so I thought I had better post something. I’m glad I did, maybe I will get back into it a little more now.