25 January 2005

15 January 2005

Robert Frank - Storylines

End of The Century - The Story of The Ramones

06 January 2005

David Hemming's Happens

Richard Gibson

1960’s star of ‘Blow-up’, ‘Barbarella’ and ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’ David Hemmings also made an album for MGM in 1967. It features a ‘lost’ Gene Clark track which is excellent but was also another CD called ‘Byrd Parts’ issued in Australia a few years ago. The rest of the album is not quite as good. Apparently the vast majority of this album was improvised and featured a couple of The Byrds as well as being produced by Jim Dickson their producer. I think I read in the liner notes that Roger McGuinn didn’t remember the sessions….

04 January 2005

Good Morning

Good Morning

03 January 2005

The Aviator