19 April 2006

Dream Double Bill # 13 'Dressed to Kill' and 'Sisters'

This double bill is part of the Angie Dickinson blog-a-thon taking place today.

The observant amongst you will quickly realise that this isn’t an Angie Dickinson double bill but a Brian DePalma double bill. This wasn’t my intention, but looking out for Angie Dickinson films for today, the first of which I watched was ‘Dressed to Kill’ which I hadn’t seen. Shortly after there was a double bill of 'Carrie' and 'Sisters', the later I hadn’t seen.

It seemed to me that two of the key elements used by DePalma in ‘Sisters’ are also used again later in ‘Dressed to Kill’, namely the split screen and the more than passing influence of Hitchcock and that they’d work well as a double bill.

Some links:

The Making of 'Dressed to Kill', including some insight from Angie Dickinson herself, I like the quote "Let them think it's Tahiti, even it is Burbank" on the shower scene, link.

An interview with Brian DePalma from Filmaker's Newsletter, September 1973 , just after 'Sisters' was released, link.

Directed by Brian DePalma site, review of 'Dressed to Kill', link.

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shahn said...

yes! i've always thought of these together, even mixed them in my memory.