29 April 2006

From the archive: Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren 'Goodness Gracious Me' / 'Grandpa's Grave'

Sadly no picture sleeve but I thought I'd post as it is film related.


Christina S said...

I'm glad you posted it, it's a funky little record sleeve and a half, and a very nice picture.

It's reminded me that I used to have a record in the same sleeve when I was a child, but that was Gossip Calypso by Bernard Cribbins. I just googled it, the year was 1962. (must have been one that used to belong to my mum I'm not that old - not quite anyway ;-)

Richard Gibson said...

Thank you Ruby.

That is how the original Parlaphone sleeves looked in the early 60's. I'm lucky wherever or whoever I got this from really looked after it. You may have noticed the serial number on the sleeve (handwritten) corresponds with the one on the actual disc, not that it's particularly rare but so often people lost the sleeves and the actual discs got scratched and damaged.