30 December 2007

The Saragossa Manuscript

Link to the official fansite for The Saragossa Manuscript, link.

09 December 2007

Coming attraction: Wim Wenders in London & Spain (un)censored

Our friends at NFT or to give it is 'proper' new name: BFI Southbank will be running in January a Wim Wenders season with the man himself coming over on January 10th for a Q&A, I've already bought my ticket (Alice in the Cities) will show earlier that evening. Plus, a great season called 'Spain (un)censored' which looks like it reaches us via MoMa in New York.

Raindance - 15th year

I'm just trying to catch up on stuff I meant to post way back during September, October and November, here is another: Raindance.

Raindance, link.

More missed films...

PiF - PaF or Polska i Film - Polska a Film, which was held at Shepherds Bush Vue 10-13th November, looked like quite a decent showcase of old and new Polish cinema.

PiF-PaF, link.

For the stamp collectors...

Next year Royal Mail will be releasing "Ian Flemming's James Bond" - a very nice looking set of stamps replicating the book jackets from the novels - nice! Available 8th January 2008.

Then on Tuesday 10th June they release another set (no pictures in the booklet they sent me) called 'Classic Carry On and Hammer Films'.

Royal Mail, stamps and collecting, link.

07 December 2007

51st London Film Festival

More missed films...

Actually I had planned to go to at least one of the Jacques Demy films but again, missed them all.

Missed attraction

Invitation to a dream was at Ciné lumière (Institut français) but I missed them all, here is the link.

Coming attraction: KM 31 aka Kilómetro 31

IMDB entry for KM 31 aka Kilómetro 31, link.