24 November 2008

Alphabet Meme

A ll About Eve
B attle of Algiers, The
C hinatown
D oulos, Le
E uropa 51
H iroshima Mon Amour
I mitation of Life (Douglas Sirk)
J udex
K nack, The
M ama Roma
N otte, La
O tto e Mezzo
P assenger, The aka Profesion: Reporter
Q uatre Cent Coups
S avage Innocents, The
T axi Driver
U gestu
V ertigo
W ild Bunch, The
Y eux Sans Visage
Z odiac

I saw this post on Self-Styled Siren's site, which came from this site so I decided that would be a fun thing to do, although for me a struggle if I did it in front of a PC. So last Saturday as I caught the train to go out I took a blank peice of paper and scribbled down my thoughts.

17 September 2008

Autumn 2008

Things have been a little busy over the summer.
I've been slack.
I have a ton of stuff, collected on my travels to post and seemingly less time to post it than I ever had and less time to watch films. I also wanted to do a mini-blog of my road trip as I have done previous years. I hope to be able to get around to that as well as keeping this a little more updated.

Cine Dore: Filmoteca Espanola

The first time I was in Madrid I visited this place and saw 'Reflections in a Golden Eye', this summer I saw; 'The Deadly Companions'. They also had a season to celebrate the centenary of David Lean. So, I've been explaining to people it is the Spanish equivilent of the National Film Theatre, which they re-branded as BFI Southbank. Well worth a visit and superb value for money, I think the film cost €2.75.
Cine Dore, Filmoteca Espanola, link.
Picture of the outside of the building, link.

Charlie Chalpin at Caixa Forum, Madrid

This is not only an excellent art gallery but an excellent exhibition. I went in wondering what an exhibition about Charlie Chaplin would be about and came out wanting to revisit all of the films. Which since returning from Spain I have slowly been doing in the little spare time I seem to have these days.

Caixa Forum, Madrid. More or less opposite the Prado, link.

30 March 2008

Coming attraction: Who Am I?

Monday 31 March at 7.30pm

Followed by Q&A with producers Paul Mitchell and Rachel Seiftert at The Frontline Club.

From the press release; "What happens when you discover that your father isn’t your father? What if you learn the man you thought was your father actually killed your biological parents? During the “so-called” dirty war in Argentina (1976-1983), the military dictatorship there abducted some 30,000 people. Some were young women, pregnant or with small children.
About 500 of these children were taken from their parents, given to military families under new identities. Now, some thirty years on, they are grown up and struggling to learn the truth, to find justice for the crimes committed in the past, and above all, to understand what this means for their own identity. Director Estela Bravo has been making this film for twenty years."

Directed by: Estela Bravo
Produced by: Paul Mitchell and Rachel Seiftert
Length: 105 mins

IMDB entry for Estela Bravo, link.
Link to the Frontline club, link.

24 February 2008

U-Frame Festival 2008

U.Frame is the first International Video Festival organised by the UP (University of Oporto - Portugal) in partnership with the UDC (University of Coruna - Spain). More than a competition platform for short films, it will promote and showcase creativity applied to new technologies. Thus, two special competition entries are offered: Light Media (films made with mobile phones) and Second Life (films produced in a virtual environment). We aim to promote contacts and exchanges between students in the area of audiovisuals from all over the world and reward the most creative works.

The event aims primarily to:
- promote contacts and exchanges among university students in the field of audiovisuals at an international level
- develop creativity
- reward and endorse the best projects (for example: screen the best works at Oporto's International Film Festival – Fantasporto)
- hold training sessions.

3.1. Official competition:
- Documentary
- Fiction
- Animation
- Experimental

3.2. Second Life Special Competition:
- This competition is dedicated only to works produced in the virtual environment of Second Life

3.3. Online competition (Media light):
- Mobile (short movies - maximum 10 minutes - made with a mobile phone, with or without edition).
- 60 seconds (films with a maximum length of 1 minute. The film, trailer and credits included, shouldn't have/be
more than 10 MB, and must be delivered in one of the following formats: .mov, .wmv ou .swf).

Festival U-Frame, link.

Coming attraction: Lost Highway at English National Opera

With 'The 39 Steps' and 'All About my Mother' both on the London stage, this looks quite interesting.


Lost Highway, link.

Coming attraction: 22nd London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

22nd London LGFF, link.

17 January 2008

Coming attraction

IMD entry for No Country for Old Men, link.

Coming attraction

IMDB entry for Back to Normandy, link.

Forthcoming blogathon

Feb 1st-8th, South Dakota Dark's Deeply Superficial Blogathon, link.

10 January 2008

Alice in the Cities, Wim Wenders Q&A

Above: Alice in the Cities, Wim Wenders interviewed by Nick Roddick (Evening Standard).

Spain (un)censored.