29 November 2004

Jaques Tati 'Playtime' DVD from BFI

This is the best DVD I've bought in ages. I actually watched all of the extras too which I normally don't get time to watch.
There is a great commentary with lots of insightful stuff about the making and the extras and the huge set Tati created to make 'Playtime', a biog about Tati, and another feature with a script girl who worked on 'Playtime' with Tati. There are some trailers for other Tati films too.

There is an excellent French and English site for Tati fans: http://www.tativille.com/ which has all the original music and lots of links including on the 'Playtime' page what looks to be a new French version of the DVD with more extras than the new BFI one.

I saw this on the big screen in 70 mm about 4 or 5 years ago and it really does suit repeat viewings simply because there is so much going on in all corners of the screen. It's a masterpeice and a great DVD for £14.99 from www.play.com - well worth it.

If anyone knows how I can get hold of 'Trafic' on DVD (I have a really old VHS somewhere) then I'd be grateful.

Coffee and cigarettes

I just re-watched the trailer for this online. I quite liked it, some segments were far better than others. I kind of figured out Bill Murray, GZA and RZA segment (Delirum) was made around the time of 'Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai' and Steve Buscemi, Joie Lee & Cinque Lee segment (Twins) was filmed around the same time as 'Mystery Train' and Tom Waits and Iggy Pop segment (Somewhere in California) around the time Jim Jarmusch did the Cole Porter Aids benefit 'Red Hot & Blue'. Anyone have any more insights?

I think the Alfred Molina and Steve Coogan (Cousins?) was one of the more interesting, especially the socially climbing Coogan and the The White Stripes (Jack shows Meg his Tesla Coil) one of the least interesting ones. What do you reckon?

The Curse of the Jade Scorpion

Has anyone seen this? Apparently it came out in 2001 but I don't remember seeing it at the cinema.
It's not the best Woody Allen but it reminded me of some 1940's studio serial types like 'Charlie Chan' or the Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes series. All in all quite good fun.

28 November 2004

Yes, that Robyn Hitchcock

I saw remake of 'The Manchurian Candidate' last week. I thought I recognised the spooky grey-haired bad guy but didn't think it actually was Robyn Hitchcock. When I got home and checked it really is him. I suppose Jonathan Demme did use The Fall's 'Hip Priest'.

Europa 51

Does anyone have a copy of this film on VHS or DVD they can lend me?