06 August 2006

From the archive: Privilege (Pan Books x 631)

Front cover reads:

Paul Jones and Jean Shrimpton star in the new, controversial film from Universal Pictures.
John Burke from and original screen-play by Norman Bogner.

Inside reads:

By the same author in PAN books:

Dr Terror's House of Horrors
That Magnificent Air Race
Tales of Unease (Edited by John Burke)
The Hammer Horror Omnibus
The Power Game

Reverse reads:
Paul Jones as he appears in a scene from the new Universal release 'Privilege'. The film which also stars Jean Shrimpton is a John Heyman/Peter Watkins production for World Film Services Ltd. and Memorial Enterprises Ltd. Music by Mike Leander and Mark London; associate producer Timothy Burrell; written by Norman Bogner with additional scenes and dialogue by Peter Watkins. Produced by John Heyman, directed by Peter Watkins.

Link to earlier post of Paul Jones sings songs from 'Privilege', link.

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