02 August 2006

A Canterbury Tale

"A script can only create nests in which magic may settle." - Emeric Pressburger, 1980.

Earlier this evening I caught the end of BBC Radio 4's daily evening arts programme; Front Row. They sometimes have film related stuff, tonight they had two, firstly a review of 'The Notorious Bettie Page' which opens here on Friday and there was a feature on 'A Canterbury Tale' the wonderful Powell and Pressburger film from 1943. Specifically a book written by Paul Tritton and the tours he offers of the locations used in the film.

This seems to me a delightful way of celebrating this wonderful film, which for everyone I know who has seen it thinks it's a truly great film, perhaps not as widely seen as 'The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp','The Red Shoes' or 'A Matter of Life and Death' but every bit as interesting as any of their films together. Hearing the programme certainly made me want to find out more about Paul, the book, and ultimately the tour.

I'd posted on here earlier this year that film location tourism in the UK had taken off in part due to the Harry Potter franchise and 'The DaVinci Code' but this is a tour that, according to what I heard on the programme appeals to the film buffs, the fans of Chaucer, the fans of the English countryside.

I believe that this years walk takes place on Sunday August 27th at 2pm but am awaiting confirmation from Paul on this.

A Canterbury Tale - Memories of a Classic Wartime Movie by Paul Tritton, further information and details of how to buy a copy on The Powell and Pressburger Pages, link.
On location with Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger's 'A Canterbury Tale' Guided Walks with Paul Tritton, further information and contact details for Paul, link.
IMDB entry for 'A Canterbury Tale', link.
BBC Radio 4's Front Row, link. NB if you are quick you will be able to hear tonight's programme via the 'Listen Again' function of the Radio 4 site. Sadly this programme isn't available via podcast, yet.

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