08 August 2006

Coming attraction: Volver

Londoners might not be used to seeing Penelope Cruz like this, she is currently on every other bus stop advertising L'Oreal cosmetics with a very different look.
I snapped this image at a local town hall in the village I was staying in on my recent Spanish trip.
The UK release is August Bank Holiday weekend.

Image of Pedro Almodovar and McNamara given to me by Olga Tellez, link.
An interesting article by Michael Atkinson in which he writes a brief career overview and discusses a New York based retrospective on The Village Voice, link.


Uncle Gustav said...

Is Olga Tellez her real name? Sounds suspiciously like one of the characters in Theodore Roszak's "Flicker"!

Richard Gibson said...

Yup, that's her real name, although people in Spain typically have two surnames.
She's helped with a couple of posts actually.

Anonymous said...

Hi Richard! As i imagined your posts look great,nobody can see Almodovar´s picture with indifference...
Here in Spain,everybody knows his past as peculiar´singer´, but it is funny discover from time to time this kind of unknown stuff.
By the way,about my name..., the previous post, is it a compliment or a subtle insult? I don´t know ´Flicker´,so...