21 August 2006

Friz Freleng

Meanwhile on the film blogosphere several film bloggers celebrate the birthday of Friz Freleng. Go to Hell on Frisco Bay for a full list of contributors.

Being completely ignorant to Friz Freleng I had not planned to contribute to this blog a thon. That was until I heard on Radio 4 this evening that here in the UK Tom & Jerry cartoons are about to be censored. I dashed home to see if Tom & Jerry were one of Freleng's creations. They weren't...

Read the full Tom & Jerry censure story on BBC News, link.
See the film blogosphere's Friz Freleng blog a thon at Hell on Frisco Bay, link.
IMDB entry for Friz Freleng, link.
Wikipedia entry for Tom & Jerry, link.
Wikipedia entry for Friz Freleng, link.

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