11 June 2006

Stars of stage and screen - the index (1 to 22)

In a way I am quite glad to be able to complete, rather finish posting this series. Sadly I only had 22 of the 28 cards that were issued nonetheless it was an interesting exercise for me to discover some stars from the 1930's, approximately half of which I wasn't familiar with. Here is the complete list:

1 Mary Ellis
2 Ina Claire
3 Wheeler and Woolsey
4 Fay Compton
5 Nancy Carroll
6 Laurel and Hardy
7 Edna Best
8 Owen Nares
9 Enid Stamp-Taylor
10 Jeanne Stuart
11 Benita Hume
12 George Robey
13 Kay Hammond
14 Ronald Colman
15 Ann Harding
16 Jane Baxter
17 Margaret Bannerman
18 Sydney Howard
19 Greta Nissen
20 Sir Cedric Hardwicke
21 Jack Hulbert
22 Bebe Daniels

Stars of stage and screen cigarette cards were issued in mid 1930's (my estimate) by Park Drive Cigarettes, Gallaher Ltd. Virgina House, London and Belfast.

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