03 June 2006

From the archive

Sadly this one is not in my collection but I wish it was. I'm reminded of those great scenes in 'My Best Fiend' where Kinski is giving monologues to seemingly quite large crowds of people.


Mark said...

Richard is this an album cover? Very interesting! You really have some rare photos in your collection. I've only seen Klaus Kinski in "For a few Dollars More" and "Aguirre: The Wrath of God."

Richard Gibson said...

Mark, I believe it is an album cover but sadly it's not in my collection, I scraped it from the internet so to speak.

Kinski, to say the least is a very interesting fellow, I highly recommened 'My Best Fiend' the film Werner Herzog made about him and their collaborations. It's easily available as part of the Herzog set, Netflix should have it.