02 September 2006

Spanish Festival

It seems probable that the new Spanish international film festival to replace the disgraced San Sebastian event will take place at Palma de Majorca in the Balearic isles. There are plenty of hotels and winter sunshine and the town is rich with tourism.
The things which attracts the Spanish film industry is that it will be possible to stage a European festival there before Cannes, possibly late March, and with luck and enterprise skim some of the celluloid cream from the French.

p43, Films and Filming, November 1966.

Does anyone know why San Sebastian was 'disgraced'? I actually was on the site earlier this week as this years festival is later this month.

San Sebastian (Donostia is Basque name) International Film Festival site in English, link.
Wikipedia entry for San Sebastian International Film Festival, currently empty, link.

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