24 September 2006

Coming attraction: Max Ophuls DVD's

Exciting news, four new DVD's from Second Sight in their new 'Max Ophuls Collection' - released last week - 18th September.

'The Reckless Moment'
'Letter from an Unknown Woman' (also being shown on BBC4 this evening)
'Le Plaisir'
'Madame de...'

All with extras, for example 'The Reckless Moment' and 'Le Plaisir' have introductions from Todd Haynes.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great news Richard!
If you don´t know ´madame de...´please try to get it, It´s simply wondeful!!
Max Ophuls is one of the best for me, i love ´letter to an unknown woman´ and ´the plaisir´is very curious as well, the film turns all around...
Enjoy a lot.