01 September 2006

Firecracker Magazine, issue #1

A new free magazine distributed at participating cinemas Firecracker celebrates Asian cinema. The first issue contains:
Interviews with Seijun Suzuki, Fruit Chan, Prachya Pinkaew, Jet Li, Johnnie To and Kim Ki-Duk
A review of 'Branded to Kill' by Mike Atherton.
A feature on Anime by Jonathan Clements

Firecracker Magazine's website, link.


Mark said...

Hi Richard,

Where do you get these great magazine covers? I really liked the one with Charlie Chaplin. I downloaded it, I hope you don't mind. Do you have access to any photos from the Russian film "Cranes Are Flying?"

P.S. Have you done a double bill feature on "Cranes Are Flying" and "Ballad of a Soldier" yet? I was finally able to see both and they are wonderful, with similar themes. The cinematography is jawdropping, especially in "Cranes."


Richard Gibson said...

The one with Charlie Chaplin on the cover was given to me by my friend Olga Tellez on my last trip to Spain. I believe it is a free magazine distributed in the city of Caceres. I believe that their site (I think I posted a link) has the images from all their magazines.

Sadly I haven't seen either of the films you mentioned. I believe Criterion released both of these. Are they good?

I have a nice book from the 60's called 'New Cinema in Eastern Europe' (Studio Vista; 1971) with some superb stills I've often thought about posting. Sadly that doesn't have any pictures either.

Jeff Duncanson said...

Mark - If you haven't already, check out "I Am Cuba", also shot by Sergei Urusevsky. As in the films you mentioned, some brilliant camerwork

Mark said...

Thanks for the recommendation Jeff, I have "I Am Cuba" on my must see list now.

Richard, yes both films are Criterion releases and I highly recommend both of them. They were both made in the post Stalin "thaw" and are wonderful examples of Russian film making. The quality of these films easily rivals anything that Hollywood produced in the same period which is saying a lot.