14 September 2006

Spanish, Brazilian and Asian Film Festivals

During September London plays host to three film festivals celebrating films from different countries or regions.

  • The 2nd BrazilianUK Brasilian Film Festival (pictured) - 20th-24th, link.
  • London's Asian Film Festival - Firecracker Showcase - 14th-24th, link.
  • 2nd London Spanish Film Festival - 8th-20th, link.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Richard!
Could you see some of these spanish films? It has been a great selection, although there are films i have never seen, buti have heard about them...and Carmen Maura´s season simply perfect, you know she was Almodovar´s muse and she is one of most important actresses...
´Princesas´by Fernando León de Aranoa ( ´on mondays in the sun ´ director) was one of the favourites for goyas last year in competition with ´the secret life of words´ and won one for best actress, Candela Peña is great as well,and her performance simply wonderful...(http://akas.imdb.com/title/tt0434292/)
I hope you enjoyed with this festival...
Hasta pronto, Richard.