24 September 2006

Coming attraction: More from Masters of Cinema

Above: Cover of current Masters of Cinema Catalogue
Below: Buster Keaton in the abandoned first version of 'The Electric House' (1921), inside front cover of Masters of Cinema Catalogue.

Is this the best UK DVD label for cineaste's?

I certainly think so, their current catalogue; 2006/2007 already bursting with great films is about to get a lot more exciting. Their release schedule includes a Mikio Naruse box set (November) 'Diary of a Lost Girl' directed by G.W. Pabst and 'Woman in the Moon' and 'Die Niebungen' both directed by Fritz Lang, two Maysles Brothers (also available via Criterion) but most exciting of all they have scheduled eight Mizoguchi's for 2007. This is incredibly good news for fans who have been hopelessly served by Mizoguchi currently on DVD. Artificial Eye have released two in UK and Criterion put out a lovely 2 disc set of 'Ugestu Monogatari' but apart from that in the UK at least we are starved and they are never shown on television. In Spain however there are 2 six disc box sets, sadly they are in Japanese with Spanish subtitles only.

The copy in the back of the catalogue states "Some of the films to be released in 2007:"

Miss Oyu (Oyu-sama; 1951)
Ugestu Monogatari; 1953)
Gion Festival Music (Gion bayashi; 1953)
Sansho Dayu; 1954
The Woman of Rumour (Ulwasa no onna; 1954)
Chikamatsu Monogatari; 1954
The Empress Yang Kewi Fei (Yokihi; 1955)
Street of Shame (Akasen chitai; 1956)

Eureka's Masters of Cinema series, link.


Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic new for you Richard! At last you will get dvds with english subtitles...

Jeff Duncanson said...

It IS great news. Retrospectives of both Mizoguchi and Naruse toured NA last year, so it's nice that there will be some new DVD's out there. There are both woefully underrepresented.

Mark said...

I will be all over this!