08 February 2006

Stars of stage and screen # 5 : Nancy Carroll

Reverse reads:

A series of 48, no. 8

Nancy Carroll was born in New York City in 1906, and appeared on the American stage before being chosen for films. She achieved immediate popularity in her first film "Ladies Must Dress". This was enhanced by her talkie debut in "Close Harmony," followed by several successes, the best remembered being "The Kiss Before the Mirror," "I Love That Man" and "The Woman Accused." Her latest talkie for Fox is "Springtime for Henry".
Park Drive Cigarettes. Gallaher Ltd. Virginia House, London & Belfast.

IMDB entry for Nancy Carroll, link.
Better picture, link.

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The Siren said...

Unfortunately, I know Carroll only from stills, but she was a treat to look at. Wore clothes beautifully.