25 February 2006

Dream double bill # 10 'Punishment Park' and 'If....'

I watched 'If....' again today and thought it would work well as a dream double bill alongside 'Punishment Park' which, I had just recently seen for the first time.

'If....' (1968) directed by Lindsay Anderson. IMDB link.
'Punishment Park' (1971) directed by Peter Watkins. IMDB link.

Peter Watkins website.
The Lindsay Anderson memorial foundation website.


TAS said...

Richard, have you ever seen John Mackenzie's Unman, Wittinger and Zigo? I saw it once about 20 years ago on television, whereupon it disappeared; but I figure maybe it gets shown more in the UK.

It's a rather creepy adaptation of a 1965 teleplay that would make a more perfect adjunct to Lindsay Anderson's film. David Hemmings plays a schoolteacher whose curiosity about the extended absences of the eponymous three students leads to a series of larger questions pf life and death (namely his own).

If you ever see this anywhere check it out . . . and let me know! I've been looking for a copy of the thing ever since.

Richard Gibson said...

Not only have I never seen this Tom, I had never even heard of it until now.
I had a quick look on IMDB and looks interesting.

Sadly there are many films that where once shown on British TV never seen to get shown at all now.