08 February 2006

Grizzly man

I really enjoyed the last 2 documentaries by Werner Herzog that I saw ‘My best fiend’ and ‘Little Dieter needs to fly’ so I was really excited about the prospect of ‘Grizzly Man’.

After the first 10 minutes or so I thought what else is there to tell us about Timothy Treadwell but what unfolds is really Herzog’s unbiased view of Treadwell’s character. For me Herzog is totally at home exploring this complex individual’s life. My recommendation would be to see this film before we have Leonardo di Caprio playing Treadwell in a Hollywood version of his life, I have a feeling we learn more about Treadwell in this even though questions are not necessarily answered than the alternative.

Wikipedia entry about Timothy Treadwell, link.
In honour of Timothy Treadwell, link to the Grizzly People website (charity he founded).
The Hollywood treatment, is this what it's going to be called? link.

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