26 February 2006

Faye Dunaway

Photographed by Pierluigi Praturlon.


TAS said...


Though if you've seen Dunaway lately, her face looks as though it's been set in wax. I'll never understand the impulse behind facelifts.

The Siren said...

Oh my, what a picture. She was such an incredible beauty. That opening shot of her in Bonnie & Clyde is just breathtaking.

Sadly, I agree with Tas, however. Her plastic surgery has destroyed the unique structure of her face.

Anonymous said...

They say she was the only woman who ever really broke Mastroinanni's heart!

With her wonderful bones, she'd have may aged wonderfully.

Still, a gal can't really win after a certain point, can she? Not everyone is into vintage the way you cineaste boys are!