21 January 2007

Film and stage beauties - the index

I started posting these cards, an incomplete set in May 2006. All of the cards that I have are now up, below is the index. I was again suprised as with the Stars of Stage and Screen at how few of these actress I had heard of, in fact this set more than the Stars of Stage and Screen list.

4. Marcia
5. Barbara Beach
9. Connie Constant
10. Dorothy Frances
14. Laurie Lane
15. Diana Gibson
20. Natalie Hynn
21. Julie Jenner
26. Patricia Dawn
27. Jackie Day
30. Dorothy Mitchell-Hedges
31. Cheryl Walker
35. Ina Brown
36. Merle Oberon
39. Grace Adrian
40. Jackie Gately
41. Betty Benson
44. Georgie Butler
45. Lola Jensen
46. Ilona Massey


The Siren said...

Thanks so much, this is a great resource.

Richard Gibson said...

Thanks, appreciate the feedback.