10 December 2005

William Eggleston at ICA

I recently saw two films on the great photographer William Eggleston. 'By the ways, a journey with William Eggleston' follows Eggleston on his travels. Anyone expecting lots of insight into the photographer's mind will be disappointed, Eggleston is tight lipped throughout. The film is interesting all the same and features interviews with various friends. 'William Eggleston in the real world' offers more of an insight gives us a context and shows us a more revealing side of Eggleston.

ICA put these two new films alongside Eggleston and Robert Gordon's 'Stranded in Canton' as well as other features inspired by his photography. The series included 'Gummo', 'Elephant' and 'The Virgin Suicides', watching the two documentaries made me want to watch these three films again, particularly 'Gummo' which I loved when it came out.


TAS said...

Gummo may be the only movie I've seen where I wanted to beat up the director afterward (Korine redeemed himself somewhat with some extraordinary work on Dogme #6: Julien Donkey-Boy . . . I always knew Werner Herzog could act).

Richard Gibson said...

I liked 'Gummo' more. You are right though Tom Herzog was great, crazed but great. He should act more.