30 December 2005

Coming attraction: Hidden (Cache)

Reading the notes on IMDB it reminds me of the start of 'Lost Highway'.


Christina S said...

One of my all time favourite films is The Girl on the Bridge starring Daniel Auteuil. I went through a phase of watching all his films after I saw that one, but none were anything like it. Have you seen it? I just searched your blog for it, but can't find a mention.

Richard Gibson said...

I haven't seen 'Girl on the bridge' is it good?

Christina S said...

I'd highly recommend it and would be interested to know what you make of it. It's a very sexy film but there's no sex in it! Daniel Auteil and Vanessa Paradis are a knife-thrower and apprentice, and this is what they get passionate about doing together! I just find it very clever, unusual, and I liked both the main characters. I watched it twice when I rented the DVD.