28 December 2005

Time Out: Critics' choice 2005

It's that time of year for this type of list. Here is the one from this week's Time Out and all of their critics:

Last Days - Dave Calhoun
Saraband / A History of Violence - Geoff Andrew
Tropical Malady - Ben Walters
Million Dollar Baby - Wally Hammond
Crash - Derek Adams
No Direction Home: Bob Dylan - Chris Tilly
2046 - Gareth Evans
Wolf Creek - Nigel Floyd
Head-On - Trevor Johnston
Sideways - Mark Salisbury
My Brother...Nikhil - Anil Sinanan
The Sea Inside - Anna Smith
The Holy Girl - Jessica Winter

No mention of 'The consequences of love', 'Silver City' and 'Maria full of grace' all quite well received upon release and all decent films. Also worthy of a mention should be 'The constant gardener' which was a very pleasant suprise.

I haven't seen the entire Time Out list but '2046' is my favourite from 2005, 'A History of Violence' probably wouldn't make it into my top 10. I'm inclined to agree with Dispatches from Zembla on 'A History of Violence', I thought the film started well but later became more like its source material and didn't fulfill it's early promise.

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Richard Gibson said...

Additional thoughts: Actually I am suprised, no mention of 'Broken Flowers' either.

These lists can be interesting, over time it's funny how some of these films will fade and others will be relished.