11 August 2007

Version Original Revista de Cine # 141

Version Original - Revista de Cine. Issue # 138 featuring articles on literary translations including articles:

Orgullo y Prejuicio by Toni Montesinos

érase una vez by Ramón Mondero

Capote, la moralidad del artista by Israel Paredes

El libro como vinculo las horas by Rocío Tizón

En el boca del miedo by Rodrigo Arizaga

La última tentación de Cristo by Angel Román

B.S.O. The Emperor's Club by Victor León

Apu y los libros by José María Santiago

El libro iluminado by Israel de Francisco

Todos caem en el cuento by Enrique Pérez

El rompecabezas literario by David Aparicio

El nombre de la rosa by Ma José García Berzosa

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Anonymous said...

Hola Richard!
Dou you remember we were talking about this front page? it belongs to a Spanish film called ´Soldados de Salamina´(http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0314693/; this film is based in a famous novel here in Spain,written by Javier Cercas(he is from Extremadura, was born in a village near Trujillo) about a curious event that happenned during the Spanish civil war.
This event that inspired J. Cercas, involved to a Rafael Sánchez Mazas, one of the fascist leaders in Spain and, his son is one of most brilliant writers in our country, Rafael Sánchez Ferlosio...who every now and then lives in Coria, because he(or at least, his family)is the owner of the Duke of Alba´s Palace...
Maybe you could check some these links, when you have time; that might impress your Spanish teacher...





By the way, i love your new series...