05 August 2007

Michelangelo Antonioni

BBC obituary, link, a bit more substance than how it was reported on BBC News 24, link.
Downloads of Zabriksie Point soundtrack and track from Blow-Up at Aquarium Drunkard, link.
Andrew Pulver at The Guardian, picks Antonioni's best scenes, link. In fact The Guardian covered his and Bergman's passing rather well, with lots of online content, link.
Green Cine Daily rounds up some links, link.
Wim Wenders poem to Antonioni, link.


Anonymous said...

Hi Richard!
Great tribute to Antonioni and Bergman as well in If Charlie Parker...i enjoyed a lot with your post;however, i was waiting for your personal homage in your blog.
I know Antonioni was one of your favourites...

Richard Gibson said...

Thank you Olga. It would take me a long time to think of something to say about Antonioni, time I sadly don't have right now, for the moment I am collecting links as to how others have marked his passing.

The Siren said...

What a perfect image you chose.