17 June 2007

Coming attraction: Charlie Chaplin - Complete Mutuals 1916-17

Here is a rare treat - 12 films made by Charlie Chaplin for Mutual between 1916 and 1917 (restored) with live music from Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, composed and conducted by Carl Davis, intended to be an experience very similar to how they were first shown. Sounds fantastic to me.
Cadogan Hall's website, link.


Brian Darr said...

I finally watched the Unknown Chaplin, which focuses a great deal of attention on this era in Chaplin's career. It would be fantastic to see the Immigrant, etc. in such a situation.

Richard Gibson said...

Thank you Brian. I agree, I'm going to try to get along to see some of these, work permitting.

Anonymous said...

Hola Richard!
Aquí hay un coleccionable del periódico "el Mundo" con DVDs de las películas de Chaplin, cuando vengas puedes echarle un vistazo;no sólo de sus películas más famosas, sino también de sus cortos...
Nos vemos