16 June 2007

Coming attraction: At the BFI Southbank in July

The big season seems to be Mikio Naruse, of which I'm ashamed to say I haven't seen any although I have been toying with buying the Eurkea/Masters of Cinema set for quite some time but still haven't got 'round to it.

BFI Southbank - 'When a Woman Ascends the Stairs', link.
IMDB entry for Mikio Naruse, link.
Articles on Naruse on 'Senses of Cinema', link and 'Bright Lights Film Journal', link.

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The Siren said...

I wound up seeing nine Naruse films at the Toronto Cinematheque last year, and only wish I had seen nine more. Of the ones I saw, I highly recommend "When a Woman ...", "Flowing," "Late Chrysanthemums," "Repast" and "Summer Rain." The one I most regret missing is "Floating Clouds," generally the one most people cite as his masterpiece. I am hoping against hope that they release it on DVD at some point.