29 November 2004

Jaques Tati 'Playtime' DVD from BFI

This is the best DVD I've bought in ages. I actually watched all of the extras too which I normally don't get time to watch.
There is a great commentary with lots of insightful stuff about the making and the extras and the huge set Tati created to make 'Playtime', a biog about Tati, and another feature with a script girl who worked on 'Playtime' with Tati. There are some trailers for other Tati films too.

There is an excellent French and English site for Tati fans: http://www.tativille.com/ which has all the original music and lots of links including on the 'Playtime' page what looks to be a new French version of the DVD with more extras than the new BFI one.

I saw this on the big screen in 70 mm about 4 or 5 years ago and it really does suit repeat viewings simply because there is so much going on in all corners of the screen. It's a masterpeice and a great DVD for £14.99 from www.play.com - well worth it.

If anyone knows how I can get hold of 'Trafic' on DVD (I have a really old VHS somewhere) then I'd be grateful.


Sean Larrangton-White said...

Well - I agree. This is definitely a film that you should watch 3 or 4 times - I did. That's because at any one time, there are sub plots weaving their way in the background in different scenes. It takes several viewings to appreciate the wide tapestry this film covers.

Its a shame that this film was the undoing of Jacque. it wasn't a success at the time; failed to get proper unedited distribution in the US; and was ahead of its time. One consolation is that it was the film he wanted to make - and like alot of good art, has been only fully appreciated decades after it was created.

Richard Gibson said...

Yes, Tati seemed to make this for the American market. He had a few American wives of military personnel from a nearby NATO base and all in all there are maybe 4 or 5 lines of audible American in the entire film.

Richard Gibson said...

BFI have added 3 more Tati films including my favourite 'Mon Oncle'.