29 November 2004

Coffee and cigarettes

I just re-watched the trailer for this online. I quite liked it, some segments were far better than others. I kind of figured out Bill Murray, GZA and RZA segment (Delirum) was made around the time of 'Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai' and Steve Buscemi, Joie Lee & Cinque Lee segment (Twins) was filmed around the same time as 'Mystery Train' and Tom Waits and Iggy Pop segment (Somewhere in California) around the time Jim Jarmusch did the Cole Porter Aids benefit 'Red Hot & Blue'. Anyone have any more insights?

I think the Alfred Molina and Steve Coogan (Cousins?) was one of the more interesting, especially the socially climbing Coogan and the The White Stripes (Jack shows Meg his Tesla Coil) one of the least interesting ones. What do you reckon?

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