13 May 2007

Coming attraction: Distant Voices, Still Lives


Testify said...

I met Terence Davies when he was casting "The Long Day Closes".

He told me the first film he ever saw was "Singing In The Rain".I said something insightful and wise like "Wow" and he nodded agreeing it was an amazing start to his relationship with film.

I didn't tell him that first film I saw in the cinema was "Herbie Rides Again"

Richard Gibson said...

Interesting, thanks for sharing!

At school the English teacher took us to see this film, I have to say many didn't like this style of film making, quite unusual when you are 16. I think I was more sympathetic but don't really remember it, I certainly would like to see it again.

I haven't really seen a lot of his other stuff but would like to see 'The Long Day...' and 'The Neon Bible'.