29 November 2005

'Europa '51'

Today is the one year anniversary for this my first blog.

I’m pleased with the way it has developed, considering I had no idea with what the possibilities were when I started.
I have taken advice from others and tried to add some structure to it and post more frequently on film related ‘stuff’, for want of a better word. A few other sites are now linking to mine which is good and I have figured out how to link to them too.

The best feedback I have received seems to be on the weekend ‘Dream double bill’ series and going forward I hope to develop more themes.

Thanks to my regular visitors for encouragement and ideas. My very first post was, when I was dipping my toe into the so called ‘Blogosphere’ on ‘Europa ‘51’. So I thought I’d revisit that theme and although the DVD is not available in US or UK it is however available in Europe, this copy I picked up in Spain back in April.

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TAS said...

Congrats and felicitations on your one year anniversary.

Long may ye wave!