07 September 2005


I just saw this film for the first time this weekend. Sadly, like many European classics it doesn’t seem to be readily available on DVD in UK or USA which is a real shame.

Stromboli is the first film Ingrid Bergman made with Roberto Rossellini. Many of you will know that Ingrid Bergman was moved by ‘Roma, citta aperta’ (Rome Open City) that she wrote to him from Hollywood offering to act in one of his films. Rossellini had not heard of Ingrid Bergman at all.

I was looking for things to say for this site about this film but the letter from Rossellini to Bergman in ‘Ingrid Bergman, My Story’ says so much. I found a good review the house where Rossellini and Bergman stayed whilst making the film together. The rest, as they say is history.

I hope you like the series of stills below as much as I do and if you haven't seen the film you will seek it out.

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