30 August 2005

Europa 51

I'd been wanting to see this film since I had seen it on 'My Voyage to Italy' by Martin Scorsese which I saw on BBC4 last year some time. It was a great documentary with lots of excellent clips from some of the true great Italian films, all with Scorsese's personal narration on each film.

Sadly 'Europa 51' aka 'The Greatest Love' is not onDVD in UK or US but I did manage to buy a copy in Spain when I was there in April. Sadly the sountrack is in Italian and the only subtitles are Spanish. But seeing as this was probably the only opportunity to see this film, other than wait for a Rossellini retrospective at NFT I decided to buy. It's funny, without the language you can still work out what is happening.


Sean Larrangton-White said...

Ingrid to me was somewhat akin to gary Cooper. A theatrical silver screen player, who gave performances straight from the soul

Sean Larrangton-White said...

Ingrid to my mind, was akin to Gary Cooper in ways. Giving incandescent performances in the screen, straight from the soul.