16 June 2005

Jim Marshall Photographs - Blink Gallery


I went along to this tonight. It was the opening night, show runs from tomorrow (June 16th) through until July 16th 2005 on Poland Street in Soho and is well worth a look.
Jim Marshall was there chatting to the visitors which was nice. He took the covers to the Johnny Cash prison LP's 'Folsom' and 'San Quentin', I chatted to him a little while says he prefered 'Folsom' as that was rawer and if he'd asked the prisoners to leave with him after the show they would have all got up and leave and left with him, the guards wouldn't have been able to stop them.

Some great pictures, the Johnny Cash one is quite famous but some of the others are not often seen which is quite nice. Free to attend, open to the general public.


swac said...

If you can't make the exhibition, there is a book of Marshall's photographs simply called Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison...brilliant stuff (and prompts me to make a blog post, now that I think about it...)

Richard Gibson said...

Yes, he told me about the book when I was chatting to him.
I see Amazon have it but I'd like to have a browse before I buy as have little space.
But it's good Stephen?