16 May 2005

The Face of Another by Hiroshi Teshigahara

A very interesting film. I think it's the first time ever on DVD in UK. Transfer is excellent. It's an odd film, I was not familiar with Teshigahara at all and now having seen this am keen to see more. His use of stills reminded me of 'La Jetee', the black and white photography is superb and music used to minimalist perfection.

As usual Sense's of cinema has some good background. Interestingly Dan Harper compares 'The Face of Another' to 'Frankenstein', 'Mad Love' and 'The Beast With Five Fingers', in my mind I was reminded of 'Seconds' also from 1966 and Georges Franju's 'Eyes without a Face' just because of the subject matter.


Richard Gibson said...

Here is the link to the Dan Harper article:


TAS said...


I just got this film today; haven't watched it yet, but just from glancing through the first few minutes, it seems like an extraordinarily creepy bit of filmmaking. Looking forward to watching it, needless to say.