06 April 2006

From the archive : Tom Courtney sings Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter and other songs from the ATV production 'The Lads'

Trevor Peacock link on IMDB.
The TV show 'The Lads' which I've never heard of, is not listed on Tom Courtenay's IMDB entry, link.
I did, once try to watch the film 'Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter' much to my suprise the Mrs. Brown of the title turned out to be a greyhound, quite suprising when I'd been looking at this EP sleeve from 1963. Link.


Barrie Porter said...

I've been looking for a copy of the Mrs. Brown song by Tom Courtenay for a long time. I saw the ep that you featured; I wonder if the series in question was ever recorded so as to be available today. I'm almost certain I had the song as a 45 in the 60s in Liverpool.

Richard Gibson said...

Hi Barrie,

They will know at Bradford's National Museum of Film and TV. If they have it you can, as I recall view it there.

I had a quick look on TV.com and couldn't even see it listed. Sadly so many shows were never kept, incredible.


AnnieC123 said...

I'm so glad to have found this site! A few years ago I had an argument with my husband as he just wouldn't believe that Tom Courtenay had recorded Mrs. Brown and I knew I'd bought it as a 45 in the 60s when I was (of course!) very young!

Annie from Bognor Regis

Richard Gibson said...


Glad this helped. Haven't played this in a long time but as I recall Tom Courtney has a decent singing voice!


grahamht said...

I've just found this site.. I still haveve a copy of the Decca single "Mrs Brown You've got a Lovely Daughter" by Tom Courtenay... the flip side is "Knock on any Door" ..I still can't make out how Herman's Hermits managed to muck up the words, especially to get the last line "it ain't no good to pine" in every verse except the correct one one where it would rhyme! ("tell her that I'm well and keeping fine") Graham

Anonymous said...

An MP3 version of Mrs Brown can be downloaded free from Beemp3.com, just search on artist Tom Courtenay.

David said...

I well remember the single from my school days. My late friend Terry Cleverley had a copy -- Decca in an orange sleeve, if I recall correctly. Good song, well sung, and then messed up by Herman's Hermits. I've tried to find the mp3 on Beemp3.com, as suggested in an earlier comment, but without any luck.

David said...

Ah, found it, so ignore my previous comment. I used "Courtney" in the search instead of "Courtnay". Great to hear it again after over forty years -- many thanks!

oldcoalman said...

I had a copy of Tom Courteney's version from the Play which i saw on tele as a 20 year old. I had to search all over London to get it and unfortunately it has gone missing over the years. I would dearly love get get another. Herman;s Hermits version was a an abomination. I know for a fact that "IT AIN'T NO GOOD TO PINE" did not finish every verse. Eg "but it's sad, she doesn't love me now, she's mad it clear enough I know it's rough but there" and "She doesn't love me now I'd go down on my knees but nobody's to blame.

Jimmie said...

I have just found this site. I remember this play called the lads, I was 19 at the time, my sister bought the single of Mrs Brown for me , the flip side was Knocking on the door and I think this may have been used in the play, there were a couple of nice songs in this but I never heard them again. Best wishes. Jimmie

Anonymous said...

I saw this on TV a few years after returning from Army service in Cyprus , and thought it captured the atmosphere really well . This song was the cherry on the cake , I lost my recording years ago , I was delighted to hear it again , thank you very much .PD .

Anonymous said...

Funny how your memory fails you. I saw the series, 'The Lads' when I was still 15. I've always associated Courtney, Coral Atkins and the song 'Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter' with what must have been another episode.

Rather than 'de-mobbing' soldiers I recall a boy on a factory floor falling for a girl in the office in a short and doomed relationship hence, "Mrs. Brown......". Still it must have made an impact to still partially remember it after so long.

Btw Courtney's version of the song is on Youtube