30 December 2005

Coming attraction: Hidden (Cache)

Reading the notes on IMDB it reminds me of the start of 'Lost Highway'.


Ruby in Bury said...

One of my all time favourite films is The Girl on the Bridge starring Daniel Auteuil. I went through a phase of watching all his films after I saw that one, but none were anything like it. Have you seen it? I just searched your blog for it, but can't find a mention.

Richard Gibson said...

I haven't seen 'Girl on the bridge' is it good?

Ruby in Bury said...

I'd highly recommend it and would be interested to know what you make of it. It's a very sexy film but there's no sex in it! Daniel Auteil and Vanessa Paradis are a knife-thrower and apprentice, and this is what they get passionate about doing together! I just find it very clever, unusual, and I liked both the main characters. I watched it twice when I rented the DVD.